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For over 30 years Woodsound Studio has been serving the needs of musicians from the Midcoast region and beyond. What began as a shop of makers and restorers of fine stringed instruments has grown into one of the most complete acoustic music stores in New England. Upstairs in our extensive workshop we build fine steel-string and classical guitars, expertly perform repairs and restoration on violin-family instruments, as well as on guitars and other fretted instruments. In our store we offer for sale a wide range of violins, violas, cellos, and basses—from instruments to help the beginner get a proper start, to finely made and maintained instruments for the professional. We also carry a fine selection of classical and steel-stringed guitars, mandolins, banjos, ukeleles, as well as accessories, sheet music, and books.

Rentals: We have all sizes of violins, violas, and cellos available to rent, or as a lease-to-own plan. These instruments are all professionally set up in our shop to enhance their tone and playability, and all are equipped with top-quality strings, usually Thomastik Dominant or Pirastro Tonica. We feel the most important aspect of a beginner's instrument (beside a good teacher, of course) is playability and a proper fit. A beginner’s instrument should play just as well as a master’s instrument, and have the same accuracy of measurement. It is a great detriment to the student to have re-learn a note or a position’s location due to inaccurate construction or a poor setup.

The charge for rentals is based on 10% of the value of the outfit per 3-month billing period. For example: a $700 Miesel outfit (instrument, bow, and case) would be $70, a $1000 Euro outfit would cost $100 every 90 days.

Leases: Our Lease-to-Own program (as opposed to a straight rental) is primarily for the person/family who is sure they want to play but is still exploring their ability and long-term commitment. Sometimes a person will choose another type of instrument for themselves, or choose a higher level of sound quality as their final purchase. Our goal is to help you get started and into the instrument of your choice and to watch as you develop your pleasure and musicianship.

The lease-to-own fee is 12% for a three-month period, with all of this fee being applicable toward the purchase price. Our lease plan extends for six months, after which, the remainder of the outfit’s cost is due or is switched to a monthly finance program. You are not limited to the level of or type of instrument of the original lease. Many people purchase a lifetime instrument at this time.This arrangement gives people the opportunity to get aquainted and either make the commitment to purchase or to decide an instrument doesn’t fit just now. If “not now” is your decision, the lease fees act as rental for the period you’ve had the instrument. And remember, there are those who start with one type of instrument, such as a violin, and end up owning a guitar or a flute. The goal is to make music a DAILY PART OF YOUR LIFE. We have seen people come back a year later now finding time in their lives or musical need driving their purchase. So if you choose not to purchase at the end of your six months, we will honor your lease credit for up to one year toward any instrument of equal or greater value than your original leased instrument.

Insurance: We can add your rental or lease to our insurance policy for an additional fee of 5% of your quarterly payment, with a $5 dollar minimum. This policy covers accidental damage, such as dropping the instrument, nicks and dings, broken bridges. It does not cover broken or damaged strings. We do sell replacement strings to our renters at 40% off the list prices.

Instrument Pricing: From one shop to the next, the same level—even the same brand—of instrument is not the same when you include the time we spend going to distributers and selecting the few models (among hundreds) with correct measurements, then doing the setup and adding quality strings and fine-tuning tailpieces. To understand why we charge what we do for an outfit, please refer to the set up page where you will learn more about what makes an instrument play.

If you are interested in an instrument to rent or lease, please call ahead to arrange for proper instrument sizing. Please feel free to call (207-596-7407 or 800-696-8082) or E-mail (encrypted, please click to reveal and use) with any questions you may have. We appreciate this opportunity to help you with your musical instrument needs.

Samples: These instruments are a sample of what we offer as a rental or lease beginning with 1/32 sizes upward.

1/8 size violin.
Basic rental outfit. With horsehair/fiberglass bow and case. $600 value. ($60/ 3 mo.)

1/4 size Euro violin.
Made in Romania using European tone woods. Nicely crafted and finished, excellent sound. With wood bow and nicer case. $1300 value. ($130/ 3 mo.)

3/4 size JTL Medio Fino antique violin.
Chinese violin, very nicely made and finished. With wood bow and better case. $1500 value. ($150/3mo.)

1/2 size cello.
Made in China for our German supplier. Nice wood, responsive. With wood bow and padded bag case. $1600 value. ($160/ 3 mo.)

Availability: We can’t always keep appropriate sizes and levels of instrument in stock. Please call to arrange for sizing and to check on availability. Please be aware that it may take three to five days to prepare your instrument for pickup.

Go to our Set up page for important detailed information.